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PIANO CONCERT - "Movie Memories"


"Doctor Zhivago"

"Fiddler on the Roof"

"West Side Story"

"Moulin Rouge"


"Saturday Night Fever"

"The Umbrellas of Cherbourg"

"Elvira Madigan"


"The Sting"

"Movie Memories"

Call now   727-321-5821

St Pete Yacht Club

Europa Cruise Ship

Doctor GoodVibes has played in some of the finest clubs, lounges, restaurants, cruise ships. theme parks and theatres in California, Florida, Texas and other parts of the country.  He has been music director for numerous musical comedy theatrical productions on both coasts, and served for many years as a church choir music director/organist/pianist. He has also played for hundreds of special events such as charity galas, museum and movie openings, wedding and memorial services and innumerable private parties.



Doctor GoodVibes has played for extended periods at venues in the following metropolitan areas:


Boston, MA

Santa Barbara, CA

Los Angeles, CA

Houston, TX  

Austin, TX

Pensacola, FL  

Tampa Bay, FL










for re-issue of Disney's "Fantasia"

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